3DPT Mission Statement:
Utilize 3D principles of development, design and direction to create a safe, healing environment that fosters comfort, vision and hope ultimately returning clients to their full functional potential.

3DPT Philosophy as it relates to our patients employees and professional partners:


  • Development: Develop a relationship between patient and therapist through open communication and education. We begin by listening to the patient to obtain full understanding of their condition and goals. To ensure adherence to treatment program, we educate the patient in regards to their specific diagnosis and tissue pathology. We establish a prognosis for healing via conservative management and set expectations required to achieve optimal function.
  • Design: We design a customized program based on the patient's specific tissue pathology, any specific biomechanical impairments, and the patient's relative activities. The intervention program is built around the tasks that the patient has to perform in their specific job, sport, or home.
  • Direction: We meet the patient where they are and take them where they need to be. We will utilize tools and equipment in the clinic that will enable the patient to perform sport, work, or home activities earlier with modified loading keeping the activities pain free. This controlled loading creates a healing environment and allows for immediate results and rapid return to function.


  • Development: Develop evolutionary behavior by creating a climate of open communication among all employees. The 3DPT team will consist of positive, passionate people fostering an environment of creativity and continued learning.
  • Design: Design a work environment that is a home away from home.
  • Direction: Moving forward on a path that is in alignment with our purpose and that touches our hearts, ignites our passion, and moves our souls toward continual improvement.

Professional Partners
(Physicians, PAs, NPs, case managers, referral coordinators, etc.):

  • Development: Developing and nurturing relationships with our professional partners based on constant communication helping to ensure better quality of care for our clients. We understand we are an extension of the services our professional partners provide, and we commit to the shared philosophy of excellent customer service.
  • Design: Design programs that enable 3DPT to work with a network of like-minded professional partners who share the philosophy of patient centered care.
  • Direction: Moving toward continual professional growth through constant evaluation of the services we provide.