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I have nothing but the highest praise for my physical therapist Jordan Harwell. She has certainly encouraged me during my healing process. She exhibits care and concern in a way that is quite unique. I am very fortunate to have found her. She knows exactly how far to push me each day.

Daryl Boyd

Estoy muy agradecido con 3DPT. Estoy especialmente agradecido a la Senorita Jordan que con pacientes y dedicando que alentó mejorarme. Dios la bendiga hoy y mañana.

Jorge Soto

I am a busy sports medicine orthopaedic surgeon that places a huge emphasis on rehab. I am very particular who I choose to perform physical therapy on my patients. The service 3DPT provides is exceptional, and my patients enjoy the time they spend in their clinic. I fully trust 3DPT with the care of my patients.

Terry Gemas, M.D.
Lakewood Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

I trust my patients to 3DPT because of the exceptional level of care and attention they receive from the 3DPTphysical therapy team. Rather than simply treating an injury, the physical therapists at 3DPT take a “whole person” approach. They set short and long-term goals for each patient’s recovery and develop a program that helps my patients improve their function, mobility and performance. The professional, caring and dedicated team at 3DPTdelivers results, and they keep my colleagues and I regularly apprised of our patient’s progress.

William R. Boone, D.O.

I was referred to 3DPT after breaking my wrist and being in a splint for several weeks. My surgeon told me that I required physical therapy to regain full range of motion in my wrist and to gain strength in my hand. When the doctor told me I needed physical therapy, I thought how inconvenient it was going to be. Thankfully, one of the therapists they recommended was Grady Callaway of 3DPT. Grady had opened his practice recently in the area where I work. The location worked well for me since it was down the street from my office. From the moment I called and spoke with Grady’s assistant, Nadia, it was a smooth process. Nadia was very helpful in working with my insurance company regarding my deductible. 3DPT is a very friendly environment. Grady put me at ease immediately and was very aggressive in my treatment plan, not only with the procedures done in the office, but with exercises to do at home between visits. I felt like Grady really was concerned about my progress and the ultimate goal of gaining full range of motion. I did not feel like my treatment plan was a “cookie cutter” plan. It was individualized for my situation. They worked with me around my work schedule. I hope I never need physical therapy again, but if the occasion should arise, I will definitely call Grady. I will not hesitate to refer my friends to 3DPT for physical therapy. All in all, I am very satisfied with the work done by Grady. I walked in as a patient, but feel like I walked out as a friend.

Lea Wright

The one-on-one attention at 3DPT is exceptional. There is no juggling between therapists, so you never feel like just a number. As a result, none of your questions or concerns fall by the wayside. I would highly recommend 3DPT to anyone in need of physical therapy…even my own mother.

Rosemary Meeker

I have been a patient of Grady Callaway's for the last 3 months working on a shoulder injury that has caused me so much pain over the last year that I was unable to sleep. Being in the medical health- care profession and seeing my patients on a daily basis, I was advised by some of my colleagues to seek a shoulder injury assessment from Grady. After a very detailed mobility, pain and range of motion evaluation, a plan of two visits per week was started to rehabilitate my shoulder. This plan included a treatment to relieve the pain, a series of exercises to strengthen my shoulder along with a regimen of exercises to be done on my own. Every step of the way, Grady and his staff were constantly monitoring my progress and by the last visit, I had regained almost all of my mobility in the shoulder WITHOUT the pain. I would highly recommend Grady Callaway on a personal and professional basis as he does take the time to evaluate, monitor, educate and rehabilitate you by his knowledge and expertise of the human body.

Dr. William C. Kritzer, Jr.

Physical Therapy with Grady has been something I look forward to...Both he and Nada are professional, but more important to me they are creative… always thinking outside the box of possibilities. My biggest goal was to become more functional in my everyday activities. With humor and great advice I'm well on my way. With 3DPT, I was not a patient, I was a person. Laughter is the best medicine..., with Grady, you'll get that.

Jim Frederick

3D Physical Therapy was such a great experience! After suffering from several leg injuries and severe muscle deterioration I struggled to walk. Prior to my injury, I was in training for a triathlon and thought I was going to have to relinquish that dream forever. Grady, along with his staff, worked patiently with me to rebuild the strength and regain the flexibility I once had. Grady was very knowledgeable and designed an approach that gave me a pain-free solution towards recovery. Thanks to Grady, I am back in action and hoping to start training for my first triathlon later this year. Grady and his entire staff at 3D Physical Therapy are very knowledgeable, courteous and professional, and always show concern for their patient's recovery.

Dustin Bournes

Grady Callaway is the very best physical therapist I have ever met. I am in the medical profession and have met many in his field and never met one like Grady. When I met him I could hardly turn my neck from side to side. He is FABULOUS. I became much better with each session. He is very patient and kind. His office manager Nadia is equally as nice. I highly recommend you to visit him as your PT.

Jayne Rhodes

Grady Callaway has been a monumental force in my life and in my ability to walk and construct a more active lifestyle. The first time I had rehab with Grady, I could hardly walk. He gave me exercises that no other therapist in any of the other treatment programs gave me. Grady designed my treatment around my tolerances. His hands-on approach and attentiveness to each and every individual patient is exemplary. I give Grady a million thanks and am eternally grateful.

Idalee Cathcart

Grady Callaway was a wonderful PT. I was a difficult case and he never gave up trying to determine the reason for my pain and how to alleviate it. When he was working with me, I felt like he had all the time in the world to spend with me even though he has several other patients. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions no matter how many I had and I would HIGHLY recommend him.

Vanessa Richardson, OTR