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You're not seeking us out because you feel great. We realize that most people come to us only when they're hurting in some way. And we're okay with that. Because now that you're here, we can begin the journey back to you. To whatever feeling great means to you. Maybe you run marathons, or maybe you just have marathon days at work. We want to know what you consider a victory at the end of the day. And then we want to help you get there.

Development • Design • Direction

Return to Sport Program | Designed to address: 1. Sub-optimal rehabilitation outcomes when it comes to returning to sport 2. Movement oriented deficits that are related to motor control adaptations. Call one of our convenient locations to schedule an appointment today:


TURTLE CREEK 214-528-3378 | PRESTON CENTER 469-372-0021

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New Location Opening June 1st in Preston Center

Located in the heart
of Preston Center

Announcing the Opening of 3DPT's Second Clinic

We've opened a second location and are now accepting patients! Our new clinic is located in the heart of Preston Center on Douglas Ave, just south of Northwest Hwy.

8222 Douglas Ave #430
Dallas, TX 75225

Why we are Different

  • Convenient hours of operation to work around patient's schedules. We are open from 7am - 7pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Friendly stress-reduced environment where patients are treated by a licensed physical therapist each visit.
  • Thorough evaluation and treatment with emphasis on education on how to manage each patient's condition independently
  • Frequency and duration of visits are based on each individual's unique situation. We don't prescribe programs - we design solutions.
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AlterG® - Defying Gravity

A revolutionary approach to rehabilitation and training, the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill gives you the opportunity to exercise with out pain, even while you are still recovering from surgery or injury. AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmills are being used by leading medical facilities to help people recover from surgery or injury. Ask your doctor or physical therapist if AlterG would be right for your recovery or training program. More Info on AlterG® You have to experience the AlterG to truly appreciate how amazing it is. To find out what it feels like to defy gravity and exercise like never before call us and schedule a complementary demo or training session.

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